Drooms Virtual Data Room Review

The Drooms data room is a modern, convenient and efficient means of organizing reliable centralized storage and controlled access to all company documents. This article will review the software functionality that helps to simplify most business operations. 

Drooms data room: how does the software work?

Documentation of organization deal management is an important part of business management. It happens through certain procedures using documents and, in most cases, legally significant documents. It is a case where organizational processes come into play. Everything that happens in an organization can be viewed from a process point of view. Documents in this concept are part of a process that is used in an organization. So, how to organize efficient document management to optimize business transactions?

The IT market is represented by a fairly large number of data room management systems, which differ in functionality and cost. Drooms is one of the leading solutions that allow companies to manage the processes of processing documents, control performance discipline, and receive information about the progress of tasks.

The system is used in small companies and distributed holding structures. It is a replicated “boxed” product and solves the problems of office automation and electronic document management of most organizations without any custom modifications. Along with the standard functions, the data room system also supports such additional tasks as: 

  • ensuring secure electronic document management using an electronic digital signature (EDS) and special cryptographic tools; 
  • providing the possibility of mass conversion of paper documents into electronic form and placing them in the system database using the “Stream scanning” option, etc.;
  • standardization and automation of business processes for processing primary accounting documentation throughout the enterprise, elimination of uncontrolled and unstructured business processes;
  • ensuring operational online access to documents of the electronic repository following security policies and regulation of rights: each employee works only with those documents to which he has access rights;
  • the possibility of end-to-end search of documents by any attributive features from an electronic card containing all the document metadata.

As part of the security requirements, the Drooms data room ensures the necessary level of information confidentiality and compliance with all regulatory requirements of office work and international standards.

Drooms as a secure cloud data repository

The Drooms digital storage of electronic documents provides both single and bulk upload, document processing, and services for classifying and combining documents into packages. In addition, the software ensures many benefits:

  • Significant reduction of risks of non-submission of reporting documentation on time at the request of tax authorities and penalties from regulators, reduction of preparation time for tax audits
  • Transparency in processing the incoming flow of documents, tracking the receipt of original documents, and the ability to digitize large volumes in a short time (hundreds of thousands of documents)
  • Reduction of costs and unproductive labor costs of the accounting department for the processing of paper documentation
  • Increasing the manageability of the organization’s activities through the transition to paperless workflow and the organization of a convenient exchange of electronic copies of documents between departments with control over the completeness and incoming documentation.
  • Monitor the efficiency of employees (monitoring the number of processed documents)
  • The protection and reliability of corporate information storage are guaranteed.

One of the important features of the Drooms data room is the ability to organize file cabinets to record any data. Within one archive, an unlimited number of file cabinets can be arranged, which allows you to get all the benefits of automated accounting, including fast search, secure storage, and access rights differentiation.